About us...

SWB started its activity in April 2013 as an initiative of its founders, professionals with over 20 years experience in the management of textile companies, team management and collections development for the main European fashion retailers.


Sweetblue was born with the aim to meet a growing demand for creativity, proximity and flexibility in the fashion industry.


With the change of the rules, an attractive business opportunity was presented. A different way of understanding the business and manage it.


To be recognized in the market as a  reliable and consistent supplier of creativity, running all our actions on economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.


We aspire to be our customers' favorite place to find inspiration and collaboration.



 Keep high ethical standards.



We manage the trust of our customers and perform accordingly.



Ensuring the safety of all the players in the business.



Boost and Care for the creative spirit.



Put love in each of our actions.



Commitment to quality, correction and excellence.



Currently we have capacity,

organization and

resources to manufacture

in Spain, Portugal,

Turkey and Morocco.



We develop and manufacture womenswear, childrenswear

and menswear using both knitwear and woven fabrics. We develop

our collection using single jerseys, flames, linens, plush, different fancy qualities,

as well as  all kinds of polyester, chiffon, crepe, suede, velvet, jacquard ....

 working on  regular printing, both positional and all-over,  and sublimation.